Tailored Embedded Solutions


80% of your product’s features are already done. Embelin IoT Platform is waiting for being added into your products.

Solid basis for your Connection

Embelin IoT Platform is ready for your product. There’s less technological and financial risk when you choose our platform as the main part of your IoT project. An IoT solution always needs software, electronics and user interface and we are doing this all for you. What you get is a complete solution.

The benefits

Our mission is to exceed your expectations and we want to deliver excellent products to our customers. These are the benefits when you choose Embelin:

  • Fast: You don’t need to develop IoT from scratch. We already have a working baseline.
  • Reliability: Embelin IoT Platform has a proven track record. It is an essential part of many successful products.
  • Flexibility: The platform can adapt to different use cases. It is an overall IoT solution which connects you to the device.

If you need your products to get connected, do not hesitate to contact us. Let’s find out how to bring your business to the next level.



We’ve accomplished fruitful partnerships during the years and also developed products of our own.

Webasto ThermoConnect is a remote control and monitoring system for car auxiliary heaters. The product formerly known as REMUC.

John Deere Forestry uses our tailored solution in their forestry equipment to control pre-heaters.

Embelin provides Proventia means to monitor and collect emission data remotely and in real-time from their control systems.

Saili is our own product. It integrates remote control and monitoring capabilities to boats.

Sneak knows where your bicycle is and notifies you about any unauthorized use, allowing you to secure your bike.