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Embelin’s innovative team continuously develops new ideas utilizing Connectivity.

Home of Innovations

We are eager to find new and fresh ideas to be developed into future technology. Connectivity is the heart of all our projects.

IoT lets you to monitor and control the conditions and functionality of devices anywhere you are, in real-time.

All projects can benefit from this technology. It’s what we’ve specialized in.

Saili for boats and Sneak for bicycles

Our latest innovations are Saili for boats and Sneak for bicycles. They are built on the same platform, but target different markets. What they have in common, is Connectivity built on Embelin IoT Platform.

Saili is a monitoring and control system for boats, providing a comprehensive and cost-efficient solution for boaters of all experience.

Sneak is a little, practical addition for your bicycle. It’s a backlight with an integrated alarm system in disguise. If someone tampers with our bike, Sneak will let you know. You can track the location of your bike on your mobile phone, giving you sense of security.

If you need your products to be connected, do not hesitate to contact us. Let’s find out how to bring your business to the next level.

We always want to exceed our customer’s expectations.

SAILI – Remote Control System for Boats

Keep control of your boat, wherever you are!

What is Saili?

Saili is a comprehensive remote monitoring and control system for boats. The system consists of a control unit for marine vessel and it can be used with a mobile application or web browser. Saili is designed for easy installation and easy use. It contains all essential functions needed by boaters – and more!

Saili connects you and your boat anytime and anywhere.

  • Easy to use
  • Quick to install
  • Customizable features
  • Robust design


We’ve accomplished fruitful partnerships during the years and some products of our own, too.

Webasto ThermoConnect is a remote control and monitoring system for car auxiliary heaters. The product formerly known as REMUC.

John Deere Forestry uses our tailored solution in their forestry equipment to control pre-heaters.

Embelin provides Proventia means to monitor and collect emission data remotely and in real-time from their control systems.

Saili is our own product. It integrates remote control and monitoring capabilities to boats.

Sneak knows where your bicycle is and notifies you about any unauthorized use, allowing you to secure your bike.