About Us


Meet the team! An introduction to the team and its passion.

The Team

Just experts, both experienced and young talents! We know what we are good at, and we want to do things the best way possible. Our team is waiting for the challenge of your project! Our strength is the capability to deliver total solutions, including not only software, but also electronics, mechanical design and user interface. We have both the HW and SW, and we know how to get products certified and manufactured.

Passion & Mission

Our passion is to connect everything! We love IoT and to offer our know-how to the device manufacturers so they can achieve connectivity and stay ahead of the competition. Our mission is to bring connectivity to customer’s business and to do it even better than it’s usually done.

Interested in joining us?

We are always looking for new talents, no matter if you are new or experienced. Students are welcome! Whether your interest is in software or hardware development, please send us a free-form application. Tell us about yourself, your skills and what you would like to do within our team.


If you need to get your products connected, do not hesitate to contact us. Let’s find out how to bring your business to the next level.



We’ve been in the frontline of connectivity from the early beginning.

Accessing information from far away was totally different in the mid-90s when our company was established. There was a need to gather data from field equipment out of reach of networks – so we met our first client. The devices were not regular PC’s, so conventional disks could not be used and memory sticks were not yet available. So we tackled our first challenge with an innovation. We made our own 16 kB serial port memory stick and a rugged end user terminal for data collection. Our company was then called SSE Simula Sormunen Engineering Oy. Years went by subcontracting for likes of Elektrobit, Nokia, just to mention a few. In 2010 we felt like its time to re-invent ourselves and “Embelin” was born.

At start Embelin still operated as R&D subcontractor for other SW and HW companies but the return to the roots was awaiting. There was an increasing need for data change between things and their users. Different devices, whether they are air conditioners at homes, systems in public transportation or vehicles auxiliary heaters, their owners and users had need to monitor and control the devices from distance. User friendly remote control systems were still missing in markets. Soon we started to develop solutions, where everything was integrated: user interface, software and hardware. At first they were SMS-based solutions, but soon we changed to server and web based technologies. 

In 2011 a big change happened in Embelin’s business route. We made a strategic decision to concentrate on our own IoT platform development instead of being subcontractor for others. The first commercially remarkable solution was REMUC. REMUC was a remote control system for cars’ auxiliary heaters. REMUC turned to be a breakthrough success. It achieved a great popularity amongst mechanics, because of easy installation it was possible to install more heater systems in a day than what service shops were used to. In 2015 Webasto got in contact with us and before we knew it, Webasto ThermoConnect was born out of REMUC. Since that day we’ve continued successful cooperation with Webasto.

We continued to develop our platform which became the home of several new innovations, in-house projects as well as customer projects. A good example was a project we did for Proventia. They needed a system to collect emission data from buses and trucks in real time. We worked with Proventia to improve their emission system with our IoT platform into more than 3000 buses in UK and Germany. As a result, city authorities are now able to see the whole fleet’s actual emission levels in real time and if, for example, nitrogen oxide levels in a bus seem to get over limits, immediately remove the bus from service.

We at Embelin are looking forward as an independent R&D house. We have an excellent platform for future IoT solutions. It gives us and our customers a strong and cost efficient basis for new coming connections.

We want to exceed customer’s expectations, always. We are not content with mediocrity.


Taking care of the customer and drawing the big lines

Kai Simula

CEO, founder, Captain at helm

As long as Kai can remember, he’s been an entrepreneur at heart. Already the age of 14, when Commodore 64 ruled Finland, he made his first database applications for his first customers. Together with Jouko, his fellow student from Raahe, they’ve formed the direction and vision since the start of SSE in 1997.

Whenever there are obstacles, Kai gets his creative gear on, managing always to keep all the wheels in motion. Having a software development background, he’s very skilful at figuring out practical solutions to theoretical problems. Kai’s excellent trait of putting himself in customer’s shoes in product design enables Embelin to create products that are easy to use and have a clear market demand.

Teemu Laukkarinen

Chief of Operations, Quality Manager, “A man with many hats”

COO and Partner are both fitting terms when describing Teemu. As the company’s self-proclaimed graphical designer, he also handles ongoing operations as well as the quality processes. It can be said for certain that Teemu has had wider range of responsibilities than anyone else in the company.

In the beginning of 2000s Teemu started as a software developer and since then has dipped his toes in almost every aspect of existing corporate functions. During the years Teemu helped form our ISO 9001 quality management system, sales and invoicing processes, project management system and numerous other core processes. Also, most of the company’s graphical UI design has Teemu’s fingerprints all over it.

Jouko Sormunen

Lead Designer, co-founder, hardware wizard

Burning interest to everything technical and engineering related, combined with electronics tinkering since childhood has moulded Jouko into the incredible hardware designer he is today.

If a thing is electrically controllable or measurable, Jouko will figure out a circuit design that does the trick. Mechanical design, 3D modelling, printing and prototypes are all Jouko’s cup of tea. In Jouko’s daily work, drawing eloquent product visions brings refreshing contrast to managing the product manufacturing processes. Jouko’s grounded mindset prefers user-friendly outcomes instead of engineering nightmares.